Before calling for your free consultation make sure you have gathered the following information.

1. List of Beneficiaries:

This should include their relationship to you and percentages that you would like them to receive at death

2. Insurance Policies:

All Like, Annuity and Long Term Care contracts and most recent statements from companies.

3. Tax Return:

Most recent copy of tax return.

4. Brokerage Statement(s):

Most recent copy of statements from the companies or firms that are the custodian for your funds. If you trade online or use a discount broker, a recent copy of a statement will suffice.

5. Bank Statements:

Most recent bank statements that list checking, savings, money market accounts. If you own CDs with more than one bank, a list of the amounts and maturity dates will suffice.

6. Estate Planning:

Copies of Will or Trust.

7. Income sources:

a. Pension (list the amount and if married the amount that the surviving spouse will receive at death.) b. Social Security Income c. The source of all other monthly income.