Below are the steps that Hackney & Associates take to ensure that you are taken care of.

Asset Protection

Through a series of questions, we can help you determine what percentage of your life savings needs to be placed out of harms way and into "Guarenteed or Insured" alternatives.

Multi-Generational Planning:

Demonstrate how the use of this strategy can prevent unnecessary tax loss at death of IRA's, 401k plans, TSA's and other "Tax Qualified Accounts". With this program, each beneficiary can us his or her own life expectancy to take required minimum distributions each year, prolonging the "Tax-Deferred" growth on the bulk of the inherited assets. However this does not happen automatically, special beneficiary documents are required to prevent a "Lump Sum" distribution of the accounts at your death.

Life Insurance Analysis:

Due to recent changes in mortality rates, the cost of life insurance has recently declined. We will review your current coverage to insure your premiums are giving you the maximum amount of protection.

Taxation of Social Security Benefits:

Reallocation of Assets to reduce unnecessary taxation.

Income Planning:

One of the biggest fears today is having more life than money. Our firm will help assist you in designing "Tax Advantaged" income strategies to protect your current lifestyle. Secondly, the income for many surviving spouses will be reduced due to pension and social security loss at first death. Advanced planning can help eliminate this problem.

Beneficiary Review:

Many people are unaware that the beneficiary designations listed on their IRS's, Life Insurance and Annuities are "Irrevocable" at death. They also don't know that these designations override what is stated in their Will's and Trust's. We review all plans to insure that they coincide with you current wishes.

Long Term Care Planning:

Probably the single biggest threat facing today's seniors. Most don't have a plan to pay for long term disability and mistakenly think that Medicare will cover the cost. Given the opportunity we can often design a plan that not only meets your needs but your budget as well.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning:

Although our firm does not give legal or tax advice, Mr. Hackney has developed professional relationships with several local Attorneys and CPA's that offer complimentary consultations for his clients.