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Thanks for Saving My Money and Dignity

April 8, 2020Fred Hackney

I hope this letter finds everyone in good health, these times are troubling but hopefully will be over soon. Due to the virus we have suspended seminars until May, we will reassess the situation at that time and keep you informed. If you need our help concerning your existing accounts or to schedule a complimentary consultation in May, please call Philly at 1-888-753-6664 and we will be glad to assist. If you are not yet a client of our firm, we can do extensive preliminary planning prior to your consultation, so please call or email Philly and she will forward you a “Consultation Checklist”. I will follow up immediately in preparation for your appointment. Most everything that I do can be accomplished over
the phone, although as you know I would much rather see you in person. Therefore, if you want to address any of the risks listed on page two (2) call Philly and I will get right back to you. Although I have been visiting clients the last two weeks who were truly in need of help due to a death in their families, I must stop this activity for now until things clear up. My plans are to resume my normal schedule of face to face meetings at the first week in May. Again, if you need our help, please call Philly and she will relay the message. The insurance companies that we work with are fully operational, including their customer service departments.

On page two (2) I have listed some of the more common risk management issues that I have seen in the past few months. So many people ask, what is it that your firm actually does to assist clients? That's why I went into more detail. Over the past several weeks I have received many referrals, if you know someone who you think would benefit from our services it would be an honor to help them. Over the years we have developed relationships with many different professionals to help our clients in their areas of expertise. I am calling it Fred's List. You will also notice that I included some business owners in NJ for I have established many relationships over the past several months and wanted to acknowledge them as well. If you own or know of a business that would like to be included, please email Philly at nfltphilly@gmail.com and we will add them. Our goal is to help our friends so they can stay in business in these trying times.

My clients have been sending notes of gratitude for the work our firm has done in protecting their life savings. To follow are a couple that we received last week. The first was from Greg Frazier who lives with his family in Bartow, GA and worked for many years as a Safety Director in the Kaolin Mines. Kaolin is a mineral used in many products and mined from Georgia clay in Sandersville. Its main use is in the production of paper products to ensure their “Gloss.” I met Greg a few years ago when he was referred his friend Jack Hutcheson. He was retiring soon and wanted to protect is 401K from market risk. He eventually became a client and recently sent me this text “Fred so glad my money is not in the stock market! Thanks for your expertise in managing the risk in our family's investments”. Another one that I received was from Joe and Meg Doherty. Meg is a retired surgical nurse and Joe owned a Pharmacy in NY. They retired and moved to Florida, attended one of our seminars and became clients. Meg wrote “Fred thanks for protecting our life savings and our dignity as well.” Wow, these words really reiterated what we do and how important it is.

Our clients have placed their faith in our expertise in helping them manage the many financial risks they face now and in the future. Thanks also must be given to the law and tax firms that assist us in the plan designs that are so important. Knowing that our clients have not suffered any market losses, their estates are set up properly to avoid conflicts at their passing is quite rewarding. If you want to schedule a complimentary consultation regarding your situation, please call Philly at 1-888-753-6664. I plan on seeing clients in person beginning the end of April or early May. Please say a prayer for all the Union Members, First Responders and Health Care Providers that have to go to work to serve this Great Nation. Again, on page two (2) I have listed a summary of the “Risk Management Services” that our firm provide and page three (3) a list of professional affiliates. Hope you find it helpful!

Risk Management Services Provided by Hackney and Associates

Below is a list of "Risks"; that we help our clients manage, remember that I am or can be licensed in every State. If you or someone you know needs our help, please forward this letter to them and like us on Facebook!
1. Eliminating Market Risk: With the stock markets taking their biggest hit since 1987, it is more important than ever to protect your life savings from decline. We position our client's financial assets to grow without "Risk of Loss". All gains once attained are "locked in" annually and can never be lost! Also, many of the insurance companies that we represent have premium bonuses that increase the initial investment by up to 7% depending on the client's age. They also come with "Income Riders" that ensure
that the account grows regardless of market performance, currently 6%-7% compounded daily! Many times, I hear "Fred, I am going to wait until the market comes back to contact you!" Remember LINCOLN CAME BACK AS A PENNY!
2. Long Term Disability: Long term disability can threaten the most laid out plans due to the cost of home / nursing home / assisted-living care. Our plans can be designed to supercharge the income riders in the policies to help pay for this much needed care taking tremendous amounts of stress off spouses and family members.
3. Retirement Plan Preservation: If you are currently working or retired, in my opinion, your IRA/401K/TSP/403b and other retirement assets should never be at risk of loss. Many employer plans allow an "In Service Rollover" to an IRA and still allow the employee to contribute to their current plan until retirement plan with the company match if you 59 ½ years of age or older. This allows the employee to take up to 100% of their current plan out of harm's way and grow the account without risk of loss.
4. Income Planning: We specialize in creating life income options, especially when we see loss of income due to pension and social security at the death of a spouse. Remember you can't get a guaranteed income from an account that's not Guaranteed!
5. CD Alternatives: The interest on CD's is taxable as ordinary income whether reinvested or not. The
rates are terrible, and billions of dollars sit in these accounts. We can show you how to significantly increase your return, the interest is “Tax Deferred” and the principal is secured by some of the most financially secure insurance companies in the United States. Above is just a sample of how we help our clients, please visit our website and read the many testimonials that tell our story. Contact Philly today 1-888-753-6664, she will relay the message and I
will call you.

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Fred Hackney is a licensed insurance agent in the State of Florida (lic#A107553) and a proud member of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau. His goal is to "Protect and Shield" his clients' assets from risk of loss. Hackney & Associates, 888-753-6664