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Max & Jane Howells

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My wife and I started working with Fred Hackney 4 years ago.  We received a mailer offering a free meal so we thought why not go and see what he has to say about ways to secure our investments and make money on top of that. Heaven knows banks don't pay anything and most annuities are losers.  To our surprise, Fred said and showed some interesting concepts that seemed a little too good to be true.  But, we thought we would book an appointment for him to come to our home to explain further what he offered and review where we had our funds setting seeing very little growth.  To our surprise, Fred showed up 10 minutes before his appointed time, which in Florida, is unheard of.  Fred was very concise with his explanation, and extremely knowledgeable about our other investments.  Being retired, we took a cautious approach with moving investments.  We gave Fred a some of our funds to test out all he talked about.  We also took time to talk to several other people that invested with Fred and talked with a couple of our fund holders, which gave the same pitch as always.  Things are great just ride the market, yes you may lose a little but when the market goes up you will get it back, which seemed to me means I maybe back to where I started with no growth.  Needless to say, every year when investments come up for renewal, we contact Fred and he moves the money into our new account.  Our accounts continue to grow every year.  There is one more attribute that Fred brings to the table, probably more important than financial growth.  Fred is committed to our total family. I know when one of us passes, he will step in and handle the transfer of investments during a time when most people are not functioning properly.  It is also assuring that if we both pass, he steps in to ensure our assets flow to our daughter in a timely manner.  Needless to say, we are 100% satisfied with Fred Hackney and recommend his services.

Max & Jane Howells

Robert and Christa Rohrich

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Dear Fred,

Both my husband and myself want to thank you for coming to our house for a Consultation, this was the second time you gave us good advice in regards to how to deal with certain Annuities and this time what to do with my husband’s long-term insurance. We appreciate your straightforward advice and will recommend your business to anyone that we know needs advice and help.

Christa Rohrich 

Esmeraldino and Maria Elizabeth Frazao Pereira

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Through this letter I would like to thank Mr. Frederick Hackney for enlightening us on the issue of the preservation of our savings instead of the investment of our savings.

After 9/11 and other events impacting negatively into our savings, we were puzzled on what to do with our lifetime earning savings. The monthly statements were like a rollercoaster sometimes down, sometimes up. When retirement came upon us and our salaried days were over, it was time to stop procrastinating and start deciding on where to deposit those saving eggs. After all, what Wall Street always says it's: "don't worry you're investing for the long run." Well, our long run is now a short run since we don't have earnings anymore and the anxiety was getting to be unbearable with unknown senior expenses and unknown investment increases or decreases. 

When we spoke to Fred he never pressured us, just listened to our fears and then explained how to preserve our savings. It has been 5-6 years since our first meeting and the anxiety has been lifted from our shoulders. Throughout all the ups and downs of Wall Street during those 5-6 years we have lost no money and our investment has grown very well, thanks to Fred. 

Truly thankful,
Esmeraldino and Maria Elizabeth Frazao Pereira

Manny Costa, Jr. and Maria Janeira Costa

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This is a recommendation letter for anyone who is looking to invest their savings. We met Mr. Fred Hackney during a seminar at our Portuguese-American Cultural Center in Palm Coast, where we have retired and we agreed to a private meeting with Fred. 

Fred's main explanation was telling us to preserve what we took so long accumulating; our lifetime savings. During our private meeting, Fred was very professional and without any pressure to gear us to any decision that we might be nervous about. 

We're very pleased with our decision to accept Fred in the preservation of our savings, there has been no decrease in our principal and we have made a very good profit. We sincerely recommend using Fred Hackney as an investor of anyone's savings. 

Manny Costa, Jr. and Maria Janeira Costa

Isabel Keenan

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I want to thank you for helping me with my 401K rollover from my ex-husbands employer. My goal was to secure my retirement money in case the stock market crashed again as happened in 2007-08 when we lost 1/3 of the account value. Without your help I don[t know how I would have managed. The employer was ignoring your requests to sign off on the plan but you were relentless in  making them comply with our request to transfer the money. I know that you are planning to open an office in NJ to help retiring and retired union members and their families. If my experience is typical, the new clients that come to Hackney and Associates for help should and will be forever grateful for your knowledge and help. 

I have watched you for many years assist member of the Portuguese Community in Palm Coast and am very thankful that my ex-husband recommended you. Not to worry I have already told many of my friends about your services.

Isabel Keenan

Charles Umpenhour, INC.
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Dr. Bill & Cathy Davis

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Fred Hackney: "The Truth & Nothing But The Truth!"
The Consummate "Pitbull" For Responsible Wealth Management & Growth…

The "Undisputed Champion" For Preserving Your Financial Freedom & Independence

His follow up, follow through, & follow on strategies are unparalleled

Fred is not a man who "mouths" words; he is a man that lives what he espouses--- it transcends talk--- it is the essence of who and what he is-- A Servant Leader dedicated to the proposition that you should not have to sit idly by and watch your life savings evaporate--- because they will… regardless of who you think/feel is minding the store of/for your finances…

I am happy to inform you that you CAN do something about this situation, so listen to me…

IF and only IF you are:

--- Courageous Enough
--- Honest Enough
--- Astute Enough
and, yes,
--- Desperate Enough to stop settling for minimal, underwhelming gains tied around your neck like an albatross… Taking you no where fast, in our weak and ever fickle economy…

So Listen Up!
What are YOU waiting for?
The time to act is NOW
The time to change is NOW…

Fred Hackney takes care of the "800 Pound Gorilla" in all of our homes so we don't have to! When we dare ask unthinkable questions such as…

--- Can my wealth be protected while realizing real, sustained financial growth for me & my family?

--- Who will be there for my loved ones when I pass into eternity?

--- Who will put their personal "money where their mouth is" and consistently demonstrate genuine love/concern for me & my Family after I become a client?

--- Name one financial wealth professional who gives you their personal cell number and encourages you to call-- day or night--if the need arises…& answers the phone by the second ring… Really??!!?? Who does that? Better yet, who lives that? I have experienced the answer… have you?

Fred Hackney is not perfect and neither are you and I.

BUT… if you ever needed to be in a financial foxhole with someone who has your best interest at heart, you better hope and pray it is Fred Hackney!

I have every confidence that Fred Hackney will ensure that my investments will live on through my loved ones ---

In closing, Fred Hackney & Associates is "THE Solution" to and for your wealth management aspirations & goals. I speak these words without fear of successful contradiction.

The old adage is true: “He who hesitates is lost”…that’s applies to critical opportunities as well as wealth accumulation & sustainability—-don’t miss the opportunity to secure your financial future with the undisputed Champion of Financial Wealth Management—Fred Hackney & Associates

So I ask you again, what are YOU waiting for????


Dr. Bill & Cathy Davis
Extremely Satisfied Clients!!!

C. Studer

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I needed to withdraw some funds from one of my annuities to complete a real estate transaction. Not knowing how to accomplish this, I called Fred for some advice. Well, he promptly appeared at my doorstep with all the necessary forms. We completed the forms and he faxed them to the financial agency. Bottom line; I received my check in a timely manner. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to get this process over so easily. It was such a great feeling to have Fred just a phone call away to handle my financial affairs. Thank you so much Fred. C. Studer

Dorothy A. Slyk

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Dear Fred, You helped us over the years with estate planning and asset protection, while my husband and I lived in Florida. I have moved north and recently called you for advice about the annuity you sold us. Within an hour, you returned my call and were very helpful. Thank you for your past advice, which allows me to live comfortably now. Very truly yours, Dorothy A. Slyk

Roy & Pat Maudlin - Ormond Beach, FL

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Dear Fred: Well Fred, we believe you have saved our sanity again. We have been with you for 10 years and we took you advice, once again. After Hurricane Matthew, in 2016, and not being able to settle with the insurance company until this month, we worried about paying for damages out of pocket, but you came thru with a partial withdrawal which will help repair things not covered with our policy. This money will pull us thru. If anything else comes up, we will give you another call for your advice. Once again, thanks for your attention and promptness. Yours Truly, Roy & Pat

Brigitte Conteras, a grateful client

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Dear Fred; It’s been 6 years since we left Florida and settled in New Jersey, friends and acquaintances were left behind. That meant we no longer could attend any of your seminars and somehow lost the personal touch which was available before. However, since my husband passed away this past July 28th after 2 years of health issues, I needed to pick up where we left off 6 years ago. Your company kept us informed via your monthly newsletters and all the seminars dates in Florida. Thanks for staying in touch but we still missed the face to face annual reviews that you made available upon request. After Victor passed I contacted you and like always you called me back immediately to see how you could help. I needed to know what income options I had regarding my accounts to meet monthly expenses. I also want to thank you for processing all the paperwork regarding the death claims to get the accounts in my name. This took a large burden off of my shoulders, you kept your promise that you made to us many years ago. You told us that if something ever happened to Victor that you would be there for me. It’s very comforting in knowing that the annuities were safe and I have the “Peace of Mind” knowing that I don’t have to worry about the future. I am glad my finances are in good hands. I haven’t any family left ad depend on friends to help me. I know that I can rely on you for you kept your word, that is very reassuring. In the future, I sincerely wish for you continued health and success. Respectfully & Best Wishes

Karen Demello - Edgewater, Fl

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Dear Fred; Wanted to take the time to thank you for getting my retirement back on track and taking the time to explain the changes. I will do my best to get family and friends on board for some changes they may want to make.

John R. Phelps

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Dear Fred, I am not one to write letters of recommendation or thank you letters but I think this is important enough to take time and do so now that we are 4 years into our relationship. We first met in September, 2013 when my wife and I came to one of your seminars in Ormond Beach. I was on the verge of retirement and had started to setup my retirement planning which I was doing with the help of the investment department of my local bank. The points you made in the seminar were very interesting and we decided to have you come to our house and look over what we had done and what we thought we would do.

After reviewing our plans and current status you offered some suggestions (with no strings attached) such as:

reviewing all our accounts that had beneficiary listings to ensure they were all up-to-date

making sure we had set up all the important legal documents such as power of attorney, health power of attorney, living wills, and updated wills

setting up a trust so as to protect our assets

find out and understand what would happen to an account that was set to provide a fixed income (income rider) when we withdrew the yearly required minimum withdrawal

Fred, you helped us with all four of the above items even before we became a client and we needed those suggestions and help as:

we found several accounts where the beneficiary information was out of date (We corrected all of them)

we found our wills were out of date, our living wills were not done correctly, we had no power of attorney setup and did not have health powers of attorney set up (you found us a lawyer who very reasonably helped set all of these documents)

you helped us set up our Trust

we found out our fixed income account would have extra charges each year that would wipe out any growth and the first year we took out the required minimum we would lose the benefit of the fixed income amount (You helped us make calls to our Bank financial advisors to flush this all out)

Based on the above and the extra value you bring to the table we became your clients in November, 2013. Since that time you have come to our home whenever we needed you, especially at year end to help adjust funds and to help with what was needed for the required minimum withdrawals.

In the past 4 years since becoming your client we have not had to worry about our retirement finances. While the stock market has gone up, our safer investments through you (3 different annuities) have also grown and since becoming your client I have not looked at the stock market and worried if it was up or down.

Thank you for all your help.

William & Rosemarie Spence

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Dear Fred, We wanted to write you a note to tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done for us. Sorry to say that it seems that everyone is always ready to write when things go wrong but put off writing to let the person know how much they appreciate what was done for them. You certainly went above what you needed to do to help us when we needed it most. Never had anyone return a phone call so quickly every time that we called. I know that we are not one of your bigger clients, probably your smallest but you treated us like you do everyone. In today’s world it is hard to find honest, professional people who keep their word and you can trust. We know this because we have been a victim of another financial consultant. It’s amazing how some consultants will use the name of nationally known people as being the company that they represent and then sell you a product that has nothing to do with the company that they said they represent and is not a good product especially for seniors. We are telling all of our family and friends to be aware! We can recommend you and feel that we are doing what is right, that you will do a great job for them. You are someone that is true to your word. Many thanks again for all your help we could not have done all the things that you helped us with by our selves. Sincerely, William & Rosemarie Spence

A Satisfied Client

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We met Fred 1 1/2 years ago when we moved from New Hampshire permanently to North Florida, and attended one of his Luncheon Presentations. To say we were impressed with his knowledge, openness, and honesty is to put it mildly. I am an 85 year old retired Airline Captain, and know quality when I observe it. He came to our Home, on time, and in a short but complete review, told us we were well positioned investment wise and he would not add nor change anything. Totally up front and honest. No changes needed. A pleasant handshake was it. Fast forward another year when we were considering change from our NH Financial people for more close "hands on" help. Back came Fred immediately on request. He found new and very helpful information to help us with decisions. Again, and in a totally gracious and Professional manner, he advised us to "stay the course" with our current Advisers, but that we could always contact him for help or to change things. What a Guy ! He said that if he could offer us any alternatives to improve things he would, and we wouldn't hesitate one bit. Fred Hackney is a truly trusted and honest Financial Adviser and Gentlemen.

George Betz

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I met Fred 10 years ago. I had retired as owner of Energy Products of Virginia. We designed and installed Energy conservation and steam generation for major industrial and utility plants.

In representing 15 companies in the sales of equipment, both the customer and principal insisted on a quality “Total Product.” The qualities expected were price, expertise, delivery on time, safety and the top, being customer service.

Upon listening to Fred, he exemplified all the above. Goals being “Preserve your wealth; never gamble your money on risky investments.”

For these past 10 years, Fred always ensures that we are well, both physically and monetarily, “That we are healthy, wealthy and wise.” He is our single point of contact to handle our estate, including our children’s future. He’s like a brother to me.

He recently explained ways of taking more out of our RMD.

Our annuities averaged 10% profit this year with Fred’s recommendation.

Patricia Ritger

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To begin, I want to state that Fred Hackney's knowledge and experience in Wealth Management is superior. Fred shares his knowledge with his clients establishing a relationship of mutual respect through understanding the process. Calls and email are answered consistently and quickly with a helpful response. It is abundantly evident that Fred's passion and drive for the business he established and maintains comes from helping people make good choices. Personally, I've been associated with Hackney & Associates since 2010. After the sudden death of my husband in 2009, I was at a loss as to what to do with his pension benefit. Dear friends suggested I attend Fred's seminar which I found informative, but I was still unsure. A private meeting was arranged and Fred provided time and information to give me the comfort level I needed to make the decision to roll the pension funds over. With his guidance my initial investment has increased and I have been able to withdraw funds. Financial peace of mind is what I have with Hackney & Associates. I've introduced Fred to my finance and will continue to spread the good news of how to gain financial peace of mind with Hackney and Associates. Sincerely, Patricia Ritger

Roy and Pat J.

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Birthdays are always significant events but, when you are on the doorstep of the big “80”, life suddenly becomes even more meaningful. I reflect on the past, but more importantly I focus upon financial protection and security for the future and my family.

You, Fred, and the great products you provide gave us peace of mind, security, and fair return on our investments for more than 10 years and into the future. My only regret is that we did not meet you 10 years earlier and before we lost significant savings in the market.

I am writing now, “on the doorstep of 80” to point out to your clients and potential clients that your products and services are unique. Seem like a strange comment? It is not when you can say that a trusted and extremely knowledgeable friend is the unique part of the equation. Similar products can be purchased elsewhere but I submit that none of them come with Fred Hackney!

Many of us who invest in the Market, in Bonds. In Annuities, and Currencies etc., do not make those investments our life’s work by tracking them on a regular basis. Instead we have work, families and hobbies that we are passionate about. My goal in life is to enjoy financial security while I pursue responsibilities and those passions without constantly worrying about the performance of my portfolio.

We first heard Fred on the radio while heading north on route 95 to meet with our broker in Ponte Vedra. Our several accounts were not doing well and the broker recommended,” restructuring”. We never found out what that meant because Fred gave his telephone number and I called him on the show and asked for an appointment. I was the best thing we ever did! I now enjoy financial independence with Fred.

Fred was with us last week to review our statements for 2017 and to recommend adjustments that we make. We followed his recommendations. Our May meeting with Fred made me realize that this letter is long overdue. The service that Fred provides, his professionalism, his trustworthiness, our continuing financial success and security over the past 10 years are the reasons I feel passionate enough to applaud Fred and to thank him for being there for my family.

Fred, don’t ever clone yourself. You are unique in many positive ways and the person we respect and trust. It is comforting to know you are only a phone call away! Thank you for being there.

Robert Z.

Waterbury, CT
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My mom moved to the Villages in the early 1990’s. She had been referred to Fred and decided to see him and how he could help manage her investments and also give her sound financial advice. He has now managed Mom’s investments for almost 25 years. He has always put her financial interests first and has always gotten her the best investment returns based on her level of risk. In fact, I told mom the other day that you made a wise decision when you retained Fred for financial investment advice. I believe Fred is a man of integrity and is very knowledgeable in his profession. I would recommend Fred as your financial advisor.

Sada H.

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This letter is long past due. With the death of my husband, Bob in August of last year, a lot has been put on my plate that he always took care of. Guess you could say he spoiled me.

When I gave your office the notification of Bob’s death, you were there as soon as it could be arranged. I cannot thank you enough for helping me make decisions and handling all the paper work involved in the transactions that needed to be taken care of. You and American Equity have always looked out for our best interest and it is with complete confidence that I give you in helping me make the right decisions for my future.

Frank W.

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I want to take this opportunity to thank you for saving my retirement. When I retired, I rolled my 401K into an IRA, leaving it in the market. The values of my funds were tracking the market down. You asked me how much more I was willing to lose…the answer was none. You instantly moved my retirement savings to a safe haven, where I do not have to ever worry about the volatility of the market. My retirement was in jeopardy, you removed me from the risk of the market. I am sad to see, and hear, what others are currently going through, but I am thankful to be out of it. I have to admit that I still jump on my computer each morning and check the value of my former investments, but now instead of my blood pressure going up, I just sit back and smile.

For years, I was advised that the market would protect my savings from inflation. My money was placed in conservative stocks that I believed were safe, but I now know there is no stack conservative enough to protect me from the market decline we have experienced in the past 3 to 4 months. I do feel the market will be back at some point in time, but at my age I do not have the time, or inclination, to wait for that recovery.

Thanks again, you’ve made a difference in my peace of mind, and future lifestyle.

David & Marjorie

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Unusual circumstances lead us to you. The seminar we were to attend was at the same location as yours. So, thinking, we were at the other Advisor’s seminar, were quite surprised when you started talking. You were very interesting with great charts, but David had already committed to his advisor. He threw away your number, and three months later losing $28,000. He said we need to get Hackney’s number. We went to Maggiano’s, fortunately the event coordinator knew exactly who we wanted. She was so obliging, and gave us Mr. Hackney’s number. We called, he came, and in a short time had David’s money out of stocks, and with a nice replacement amount into American Equity. Such a relief at almost 78 not worrying about the stock market.

Next story – when Fred came to see David, I told him my situation. February 2015, having health issues, I went to Fifth Third Bank to get a short-term CD, and wanting the money to be available if needed. The financial investor at the bank, lead me to believe he did as I wished. To my dismay, a few months later, I learned he had put my money in Mizrahi Tefahot Security Bonds for 7 years, (I am 75), and JP Morgan CD 7 years. I spoke to the band representative; he took my complaint to their compliance department. Later, I received a letter telling me, in essence. Too bad you initialed the form 7 years, unless you sell to a bidder. Not wanting to spend thousands on a lawyer, I conceded, but lost months of sleep.

Mr. Fred Hackney told me this is not acceptable. He made two phone calls and my money is now in American Equity. I am grateful to Mr. Hackney for standing up for me and others. His honest, straight talk approach is refreshing in today’s world, he is a man of his word.

We always look forward to seeing Fred, now as a friend.

Alicia K.

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I attended one of Fred's seminars and like none before, I was amazed at how much I never knew until I listened to his in depth insight and expertise. Without any doubts, I decided to schedule an appointment to meet with him. I expressed that I do not have a lot of money presently; however, I'm seeking guidance on how to preserve my assets. Without any hesitation, he said 'I'll help you.'

In less than 2 weeks, Fred took time out of his busy schedule to meet with me at my home where it was convenient for me and also accommodated my late afternoon availability. He patiently and thoroughly assessed my goals and immediately provided me with the direction I need. I am now more relaxed and confident. I'm so glad I met Fred. Thank you for all you do!

Vic and Nyla V.

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Vic’s brother was handling all of our stock. When the stock fell, his answer was to leave our stock as is. We figured we would’ve lost all our stock in just a matter of time. We attended one of your seminars and were really impressed with what we heard. We had you come to our home and you went over our finances. We decided right then and there to let you handle our holdings. We knew we could trust you and felt secure about our finances for the first time in years. We appreciate your help more than you will ever know.

Becky and Allen

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Dear Fred, We would like to thank you for all you did to preserve our retirement. Before meeting you, we used a certified financial planner and my retirement nest egg went from over 100,000 to 18,000 over a nine year period. Thank goodness I had a teacher’s retirement benefit coming in monthly. My husband retired in May 2008 with nearly two million dollars. By March 2009 it had lost 30% of its value and at the rate we were using our retirement money, our future didn’t look to promising.

We got caught in the buy and hold diversification that promises over time your money will gain 8-20%. When we talked to our financial planner about our concerns, as we watched the market go up and down, their answers were always the same, “Stay the course. You are invested in Mutual Funds”, “Never pull out in a down market, you will miss the recovery”, “You don’t want to be in cash when the market recovers”, “You haven’t lost as much as most people in this market.”, and “No one can time the market.”.

My husband and I believe in the American Dream. I worked in education for thirty-four years; he worked for Exxon for thirty-two years. We saved for retirement and didn’t spend what we didn’t have. Allen was a very savvy investor and saver. That is how we were able to retire with such a bright future.

I am writing this letter because we learned a hard lesson over the past ten years. Investors of your money get paid in a down market while you pay them to lose your money. They have no interest in moving your money to cash to preserve your investment because then they wouldn’t get paid. When the market is good anyone can throw mud against the wall and it will stick. When the market is bad, they don’t have your best interest at heart.

We met Fred after the February/March 2009 down turn in the market. My sister’s families bought annuities from him and during the market down turn never lost a penny; they made money. Talk about security. Both husbands told Allen how satisfied they were with Fred Hackney. We went to a luncheon and have never looked back. We took Fred’s recommendation and immediately made a 10% return on our money.

Annuities aren’t for everyone; just for those people who don’t like other’s losing their hard earned money and paying them to lose it.

Kevin T.

Heading Separator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your diligence with the way you handled my financial affairs. It if wasn’t for you, my assets would not have gone where I wanted them to. I was a little apprehensive with trusting my affairs to you. As a retired New York City police officer, I wanted to make sure that you weren’t someone scamming people out of their hard earned savings. I decided to do a small background check on you and your firm. I am happy to report that you have the highest ratings the BBB has to offer. The company that you recommended, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company, also came back with the highest ratings.

Now getting to know you, I am very pleased with the high energy, care and consideration for my welfare that you have constantly provided for my wife and I. I’ve since been living in Florida for the last six years. I have found that most people who perform a service rarely return phone calls. Not only do you return your calls, but you do the unheard of thing to let us know you’re going to be late so we wouldn’t think that we were going to be stuck in the house for half the day. You are extremely prompt, just one more extraordinary trait you have. If you have anybody who is skeptical about you have them call me at, (386) 676-1726 and I will tell them about you.

Thank you again for your help with my finances.

Rosalie & Allan H.

Heading Separator

I am writing to let you know how much Allan and I have enjoyed your seminar along with your friendship. We feel very comfortable with what you had to offer us. We both have a lot of confidence and trust in your opinions. We feel lucky to have found you and consider you to not only be a good financial adviser, but also a wonderful friend. We feel that our funds are more secure during this economic crisis. Thank you for everything you have done for us and please keep in touch; your friendship means a lot to us.

Pat M.

Heading Separator

After my husband died, I realized what a tangled mess his IRA was. I was frustrated and had no idea how to handle it. I turned to my sister. She and her husband told me they were very satisfied with the financial advisor and I should call him. I called Fred Hackney. Ever since, I have been very happy. He solved my IRA mess and then advised me of the options for my money. Now I won’t have a financial mess for my children.

I live now without the fear of running out of money, if anyone should ask, I always say call Fred Hackney.

Gene S.

Heading Separator

In 1997, the wife and I attended a Seminar that Fred was having. We liked his presentation. We made an appointment and Fred came to our home. After talking and getting to know each other, Fred asked what we wanted to accomplish with our investment. We told Fred we wanted to invest our money without the worry of losing any hope to receive some income. Since 1997, we have not lost a penny. in fact, we have received money. We became good friends. When my wife passed in 2011, I called Fred. His first concern was me. He said he would take care of getting all the paperwork updated. I feel very lucky to have Fred as my financial advisor and friend.

Branan W.

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I have found Fred Hackney and his team to be very caring when it comes to helping others. They are also extremely giving to the community and to those less fortunate. Altruistic is a great word to describe Fred Hackney.

Kimberly W.

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Fred and his associates are a very knowledgeable and professional team who genuinely care about you and your financial future. I had a military TSP account that I wasn't making any money on and with Fred's advice I switched to another account and now I'm actually making money. If you don't know what to do with your extra money, IRA's that are loosing money or questions about long term health care this is the team for you. Attend one of their many free seminars or just contact them for a consultation.. Thanks to Fred and his team I will be making money for my future and my retirement years.

Jack & Maria G.

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We've known Fred for a little over two years and he has helped us with his financial wisdom and guided us through the wealth preservation and legacy planning with ease. He truly went beyond his job description and I know that if we need him he will be there for us. Thanks for giving us piece of mind in our "golden years". He truly does care for his clients.

Carol and Noel G.

Flagler Beach
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Noel and I met Fred Hackney in 2003 at a FMO meeting where he was speaking to seniors concerning protection of personal finances. We asked Fred to come to our home and assist us with our situation and concerns. Not only did he protect our future financial well-being, but we built a lasting friendship and trust over the years. Our confidence was confirmed when the financial markets crashed and so many of our friends in our senior community were drastically hurt – their retirement finances sorely hit and damaged. Yet we were protected! We are so grateful for Fred’s help and care!

Marvin Sexton, Sr.

The Villages, FL
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In 1997 my wife Joyce and I retired to The Villages, Florida after working many years for the Federal Government in West Virginia. Being new to the area we wanted to establish a local relationship with a financial advisor to help protect our retirement assets. Fred recommended that now that we were no longer working that the safety of our assets would be prudent, and that he felt the stock market was far too risky a place for our life savings. The decision to work with Fred has been both enjoyable and critical. I lost my wife in 2011 and called Fred's office. Let me tell you, he came right over and made sure that all beneficiary changes were done and helped me with many other issues that quite frankly I was too distraught to handle. If you are thinking of working with him, don't make the mistake that Joyce and I almost did. Just do it.

Becky and Allen S.

Straight Ray Corporation
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Fred Hackney has truly helped us navigate through these turbulent financial times. He was right when he said we would not lose any money with the programs you designed. We have been so happy we have referred many members of our family to Hackney & Associates as well as our neighbors and my dear friend that I have known since high school. Don't know what else to say except thank you, thank you!!!

Robert H.

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In September of 2000, we rolled our assets over to a major broker when the market was on the brink of entering a 9-month recession. We nervously watched as 42% of our assets evaporated, then as soon as they began to recover the second recession took thousands more before we had the good fortune of linking with Fred Hackney. We both sacrificed much and worked long and hard for many years to save up our retirement assets. Fred Hackney has significantly lessened our day-to-day stress levels and increased our peace of mind.

Linda J.

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What do you look for in a financial advisor? Trust, honesty, knowledge, experience, reliability, responsiveness, guidance, intelligence, respect, and confidentiality. Fred Hackney has all of the above and more. With his guidance my investments have been rolled over into assets which have increased. I have not lost any money, but have gained peace of mind knowing my retirement assets will last a life time.

Frank L.

The Life Source Group, LLC
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My wife and I have done business with Fred for at least 5 years. We have purchased a total of 5 contracts with him covering general investments and our IRA investments. We have found that in each case he has been very open and above board in explaining what we were investing into, and what to expect as to the earnings and the safety of these type investments.

Marianne W.

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The information the Fred shared with us was very informative. He was not "pushy" as many people in the financial world are.

Fred Hackney is a licensed insurance agent in the State of Florida (lic#A107553) and a proud member of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau. His goal is to "Protect and Shield" his clients' assets from risk of loss. Hackney & Associates, 888-753-6664