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Whose Money Is It?

January 31, 2019Fred Hackney

When meeting with potential clients I warn them that if they decide to move their money from an existing advisor there will be some push back. Remember the brokers make their money two ways (1) fees on the money under management or (2) commissions on transactions in the account. A few weeks ago, I was meeting with a couple who
had attended a recent seminar. When I asked what their concerns were, they shared that they couldn’t afford and didn’t want to risk losing any more of their money in the market, especially the money in their IRA’s. They felt that the stock market was unsafe and wanted the money taken out of harm’s way. They had been concerned about the risk for many years but really didn’t know where to place the money or who to trust for advice. The recent rollercoaster swings in the markets was very concerning and scary. I told them that before I could help them, they would have to call their advisor and liquidate the accounts to the money market. Once the liquidation occurred, then I would send the transfer
paperwork to the company. Again, I reminded them that the broker would not be happy with their decision and would do everything in his power to prevent the transaction. Upon calling the broker they were grilled concerning their decision. Some of the questions were typical and some were outright insulting. He asked: Why were they liquidating the account? What type of asset were they going to purchase? Were they being coerced? Who was the new advisor? What company did they work for? Were they sure about the decision? Had they checked out the advisor and company? The most disturbing questions was “Are you sure you are not senile?

Folks, I have been working in this business for a long time as both a stock broker and insurance agent. I have never in my life experienced such disrespectful behavior. In 2004, I left the brokerage business because I could no longer in good conscience place my client’s money at risk in the “Wall Street Casino.” The other reason I relinquished my securities license was that I began working with clients who were older and couldn’t afford the risk associated with the markets. However, when someone called to liquidate their account, I did so without question. I felt it was their money and their decision, period! Both clients were infuriated with the brokers response and demanded their accounts be liquidated so the transfer could take place. The sale order for the securities was executed later that day and the money was eventually transferred.

I never tell anyone what to do with their money. My goal is to build a relationship through trust and service. It always amazes me why anyone would insult the intelligence of a client and burn the bridge on the relationship. Last year 50% of my new business came in the form of referrals, for which I am very grateful. Just last week a client’s son called me from PA wanting me to help him with transferring his 401K that he had from a past employer. If you know someone who would benefit from our services, please have them call the office (888) 753-6664 to schedule a complimentary consultation. I will always be respectful and remember who is the boss, that’s you!

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Fred Hackney is a licensed insurance agent in the State of Florida (lic#A107553) and a proud member of the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau. His goal is to "Protect and Shield" his clients' assets from risk of loss. Hackney & Associates, 888-753-6664